It is just one word. Aussois. Probably unknown to many of you, it is the Mekka of those working in combinatorial optimization. Aussois is a small village (ok, when you click the link you will see it is actually a ski resort), hard to reach in the French Alps. Combinatorial optimizers of the world pilgrim […]

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Know your Heuristics!

I am a well known supporter (a.k.a. “fan”) of exact optimization. Still, I spent the whole 90 minutes master level class in operations research on heuristics this week (also last week, actually). And I think this is exactly right so. Here is why. Last week we were discussing heuristic methods for solving specific optimization problems. […]

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How to write a paper

Felix, one of my early career doctoral students, recently spoke out the undeniable truth: Reading a paper is much easier than writing one. He implicitly (and later explicitly) asked for advise on how to write a research article to be published in a scientific journal. Felix met the most important criterion already: he had something […]

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