luebbecke3-circI am a professor of operations research at the German university of excellence RWTH Aachen. I am a mathematician, but walk between the disciplines; I like mathematics, computer science and algorithms as well as business/economics and engineering/science. Theory is as appealing as practice, so what better field could I have chosen than operations research?

I have worked on many optimization projects, often cooperations between academia and industry, in application domains like production, logistics, traffic, health care, education, and energy. I particularly appreciate problems that cannot be solved “out of the box” but require solid fundamental research.

My research has a focus on extremely large-scale and complex optimization problems, mainly those which need to be solved optimally or near-optimally. Often these can be modeled by mixed-integer programs, and this is where I specialize. I am an expert in decomposition methods like Dantzig-Wolfe and Benders reformulation, column generation, and branch-and-price, and our group contributes to the progress made in that area.

My teaching is quantitative methods, operations research, computational integer programming, approximation algorithms,maxflow-circ column generation and branch-and-price, algebraic modeling languages, programming and algorithms/data structures, polyhedral combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, and so forth. Our audience is mathematicians, computer scientists, business/economics students, engineers, and most often, all of them sit in the same class. Fun!

Twitter @mluebbecke

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